Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Home Heating Oil or not sure where to start? Below are frequently asked questions about oil, delivery and your account. We're also available to help with any additional questions at  


Home Heating Oil

How big is my Oil Tank?

The average size of a home heating oil tank is 275 gallons. True capacity is the maximum usage or fill-able amount in a tank. Typically 275 gallon tanks have 245 to 260 gallons of true capacity or usable space. Not all tank space is usable because home heating oil expands and contracts, needing plenty of room to do so. Tanks are commonly found inside the home, in the basement or garage, but may be located outside as well. If your fuel oil tank is buried underground, the tank capacity could range from 275 gallons to 2000 gallons.

How much oil do I need for the season?

Homes total home heating oil usage for the season, (typical home heating fuel season is Sept through April), will depend on a variety of factors. The main factors are; outside temperatures, the number of family members, your home's size, how well insulated the home is, how efficient is your heating system, and does the oil heat your hot water? If the information is available, ask the prior homeowner. Typically the average home will use 600-1000 gallons depending on size and insulation. 

My tank gauge is broken, how do I know the amount of heating oil in my tank?

Using a long metal dipstick labeled with inches, measure the dept of the oil currently in the tank. An access hole is located on the top of the tank. Then note how many inches of oil are in the tank. 

Where do you get your oil price?

We offer competitive pricing based on the current market values of diesel fuel. The price can change as often as gas. Concerned about pricing? We offer price matching, just give us a call!

What kind of fuel do you sell?

We sell a variety of diesel fuels including, home heating oil also called #2 Oil, on and off road diesel, marine diesel and bio-diesel.

Is heating with oil safe?

Yes! Home Heating Oil is non-flammable and will not ignite. Its extremely safe and clean burning. Learn more HERE.

What is a whistle?

When your tank is being filled with home heating oil there is a whistle sound that continues during the delivery until the oil has reached its maximum usable capacity in the tank. The whistle is located in the vent pipe above the tank. The whistle allows the delivery person to know that the air is flowing out of the vent pipe and the tank and pipes are functioning properly. When that whistles stops, the driver must turn off the pump. This indicates that the tank is full and pumping should be stopped immediately. Deliveries cannot be made if you have a faulty or broken whistle.


Order & Delivery 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit and debit cards for online orders. COD or check please call.

When can I expect delivery?

Delivery times can vary depending on your location but typically you can expect delivery between 24-72 hours. Emergency same day delivery is also available in some areas.

If the price goes up before I receive my delivery, do I pay the higher price?

No, when you order online, your price will be based on the pricing of your order date, not delivery date. 

Do I need to be home for delivery?

We can deliver to most locations without someone on site. Exceptions include heater prime & starts, and fuel line bleeding or lack of tank access.

Do you accept state assistance / LIHEAP?

Please read this section carefully to keep your family safe and secure:

Yes, we're happy to work with you and the state of Pennsylvania. Please reference vendor ID #102719853 on your LIHEAP application. We also work directly with the State of Delaware Catholic Charities program and Delaware County, PA COSA Programs. We also work with Charities and Churches.

What is a “Prime & Start”?

If you have run out of oil, you likely need a Prime & Start to get the air out of your fuel line so that your burner can re-light. We have technicians available to do “Prime & Starts”. You will need to order this service on-line at the time you place your order and will also need to be home to give access to your boiler or furnace. If “Prime & Start” service is not available in your area, you should simply contact a local heating contractor and schedule a service call.

Where do you deliver?

We offer home heating oil and diesel fuel delivery to Chester County and Delaware County in Pennsylvania, New Castle County in Delaware, and a variety of locations in Maryland.

What if my tank will not take all the gallons I ordered?

No problem. Your credit or debit card will automatically be credited for any gallons you do not receive. You only pay for the number of gallons you actually receive.

What does normal weather and operational conditions mean?

Normal weather refers to typical weather conditions expected for that time of the year. Unusual weather conditions that could cause delivery delays can include:

- Inability for trucks to enter driveways or parking lots, typically due to snow and ice.

- Poor road conditions caused by rain, snow, wind, ice, sleet, etc.

- Weather conditions that slow deliveries such as snow, ice, wind, and temperatures.

- Below average winter temperatures over several days which may occasionally cause an unusual increase in demand in a short period of time.

Normal operational conditions refer to the typical availability of supplies and equipment required to respond to a normal number of deliveries. Unusual operations conditions that could cause a delivery delays can include:

- Limited availability of fuel, or other supplies, that could be caused by circumstances such as terminal closures or restricted access, unavailability of fuel at terminals, other situations that cause delays in securing fuel or other supplies.
- Mechanical breakdowns or malfunctions that limit the ability for a company to perform their normal functions.
- Labor actions, such as work stoppages, work slowdowns or strikes, that negatively impact the ability for a company to conduct their normal business activity.


Website & Account

How do I know my credit card data and my personal data are secure?

Our SSL certificate is your assurance of data safety and security. Our website meets or exceeds all security standards for processing credit cards and storing personal data. We maintain PCI compliance, which is the credit card industries ongoing evaluation and acceptance of our credit card processing standards. Our data entry process is done using secure servers and all data is stored encrypted for your security. No credit card data is stored on our computers or in our database. All credit card information is passed to the credit card processors, via our credit card gateway, which is the standard for credit card security.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

It’s easy. Just go to the login screen, enter your user ID and then click “forgot password”. You will then be asked a few additional questions and then guided to either Reset or Proceed further.  If you need assistance feel free to email us at

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled within 1 hour of placement by calling us at 610-494-4874. Once an order is placed, our automated system immediately dispatches your order and it may already be on a delivery vehicle on its way to your home or business. If you have accidentally placed a duplicate order, please contact us ASAP at the number above or emailing at