Learn about biodiesel

BioDiesel - What is it?

A green alternative to fossil fuels, BioDiesel is made from vegetable oils like soybean and palm, as well as waste vegetable oils, animal oils or fats (also known as biomass) using a process called transesterification. Used vegetable oil is readily available from restaurants and the commercial food industry, making this source for biodiesel a renewable energy option. It is designed to be used directly in diesel engines without any special investments or upgrades. Biodiesel acts a solvent and does gel faster in cold weather, so it is often blended with petroleum diesel. This allows users to find a happy medium of cost, performance, cold weather response and emission reductions without depending solely on fossil fuels. The most common blend is B20 (20% bio, 80% petroleum.)  This blend is ideal for a number of climates and industries due to its stability in colder climates. 

Is it Safe? 

When compared to traditional petroleum diesel, there are many benefits to this green fuel. Biodiesel is safer for the environment in both production and the instance of spills.   Non-toxic and biodegradable,  Pure biodiesel is safer for the planet and its inhabitants when spilled. It also has a higher flash point than petroleum diesel, meaning it requires a higher temperature to combust, so it is safer to handle and store. 

How Do I Order BioDiesel? 

If you're interested in switching to a biodiesel blend, give us a call! We're available Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 6 pm EST