The Fuels We Offer

Every industry needs an energy source and we're here to help. We offer an array of fuels to fit your lifestyle and business needs. 
From home heating oil for your house and family to diesel for the tractor to harvest this season's crop, we'll have you covered. 

Home Heating Oil

Heating Oil #2

Our most common fuel, Home Heating Oil aka home diesel fuel is a low viscosity petroleum product designed specifically for use in residential furnaces and boilers. It is a safe, ultra low sulfur,  clean burning diesel fuel. Delivery is simple and easy thanks to our online payment system HERE.
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Renewable "Green" Fuel

For the environmentally minded we offer fuel-grade Bio-Diesel. Refined from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease, this fuel helps reduce the dependence on oversea petroleum.  As a renewable energy source it has major positive impacts for the environment and produces less toxic emissions.
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Off Road Diesel

Dyed for Commercial Use

With commercial industries in mind we offer Red Dyed Diesel for off road use. It is suitable for farm equipment, tractors, locomotives,  boats, generators, heavy construction equipment and more.  We're happy to work with your needs and schedule, just reach out to our customer service team by phone or email.  
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On Road Diesel

Diesel for On Road Use

Keep your fleet fueled and ready to roll with our On Road Diesel. Clear, and street legal, we offer drop off at at vehicle depots, job sites and more. Whether you have a diesel skid tank, above ground tank, workbench tank or a plain jane fuel oil tank, we'll fill it so you can get the job done. 
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