On Road Diesel

Clear, Taxable Diesel for On Road Use

On Road Diesel: What is it? 

Often referred to as Clear Diesel, on road diesel fuel is your standard road grade, legally taxable diesel fuel. It is the same Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel you'd find at the pump of your local gas station, serving both big rigs on the long haul and the average commuter.   Any vehicle, be it fleet trucks, cars, vans or SUVs licensed to travel on roads and highways by the state is required to use clear diesel fuel. 

What is it used for? 

Our clear diesel fuel is used by an array of commercial industries. We deliver clear diesel to fleet and trucking companies to fuel their trucks and big rigs, construction companies to keep cement and delivery trucks moving, farms for trucks that need to operate on road, and any company that needs to keep their on road vehicles fueled and ready to roll. 

How Can I Order On Road Diesel?

You can order on road clear diesel or on road B2-B20 diesel blends by contacting us directly. We deliver to southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and northeastern Maryland. We can be reached by phone at (610) 494-4874, by email at info@fueloilnow.com or simply submitting an inquiry through our contact form HERE